AFS® Aluminium Foam Sandwiches

Aluminium foam sandwich structures –
globally unique

AFS® Aluminium Foam Sandwiches

Aluminium metal foam sandwich structures –
bend-resistant despite low density

MDT® Metalfoam Design Tiles

innovative and individual metal foam design

AFS® – Aluminium Foam Sandwich

Aluminium metal foam sandwich structures – globally unique


Aluminium foam

The pore-type aluminium foam core is bonded to the cover layers by a metallurgical connection.

Aluminium metal foam – one material, 1,000 possibilities

AFS® is a single-material aluminium foam sandwich system which is unique in the world and opens up completely new options in terms of application, processing and design. The three-layer material comprises a foamed aluminium core layer enclosed by two aluminium cover layers.

The connection between the cover layers and the core is metallurgical i.e. no adhesive is used.

AFS® is typically used as a lightweight construction material or crash absorber. There are no limitations as far as the applications are concerned, whether these are in the automotive industry, rail vehicles, mechanical engineering, lighting systems, fairground rides or museum technology. Thanks to the combination of high rigidity and low weight, the aluminium sandwich system offers completely new options in the field of facade construction and architectural projects as well.

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The aluminium sandwich system AFS® is globally unique and makes completely new options possible in application and processing. Both flat and complex forms of sandwich structures can be manufactured.
Possible areas of application: Vehicle manufacturing, electric vehicles, rail vehicles, shipbuilding as well as aerospace engineering.

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Mechanical engineering:

AFS® has a lower weight yet significantly higher bending rigidity than solid sheets.
Possible areas of application: Tool machinery, laser machining centres as well as machine and plant construction of all kinds with fast-moving components.

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Safety engineering and sound protection:

Energy and sound are absorbed perfectly by the pore-type structure of the aluminium foam.
Possible areas of application: Hard-facing, blast mitigation, explosion protection and sound absorption walls for both rail and road transport as well as sound insulation in concert halls.

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Fire protection:

The three layers of the aluminium sandwich material have a metallurgical bond i.e. they are connected without adhesion – making AFS® particularly fire-resistant.
Possible areas of application: Safety doors, fireproof sound insulation for concert halls, fireproof battery enclosures for electric vehicles.

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AFS® aluminium foam is known for its high stability, minimum weight and particularly fascinating open-pore structure – AFS® thus creates unique application opportunities in the fields of architecture, design and facade design.

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Energy management:

In addition to its low weight and high stability, the AFS® metal foam is 100% recyclable and thus ideally suitable for use in the renewable energies segment e.g. for wind turbines and fuel cells.

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Consumer goods:

Aluminium foam is extremely lightweight and particularly stable. Possible areas of application are in the sports equipment segment.

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Building technology:

The metallic character of our aluminium metal foam allows it to be welded, bent, edge-formed, milled or ground like conventional aluminium – resulting in significant cost advantages and a wide range of different application possibilities.

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Aluminium metal foam – one material 1,000 possibilities

Thanks to our long years of experience in production and finishing, we will be happy to provide you with support during the development and optimisation of your customised application – just ask!

AFS® – aluminium foam sandwich structures – globally unique

Max. 60% weight saving
The pores and cavities within AFS®metal foam make it less dense than paper.
Resistance to bending and torsion
The three-layer aluminium foam sandwich system guarantees much higher bending resistance than solid sheets of the same weight.
Absorption of kinetic energy
The acoustic and thermal insulation properties of AFS® metal foam represent a better solution than solid material in the field of sound and heat insulation.
Versatile processing possibilities
Thanks to the metallic bond, conventional methods of sheet metal processing such as bending, edge-forming, milling, grinding and sawing can be used.
Fire resistance
Thanks to the adhesive-free bonding of the 3-layer sandwich material, AFS® metal foam sheets meet demanding fire protection requirements.
100% recyclable
At the end of its service life, the aluminium foam composite can easily be returned to existing material cycles.
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MDT – metalfoam design tiles

Innovative and individual!

Metalfoam design tiles are unique surfaces for pioneering architecture projects.

  • Advanced development of the AFS® sheets
  • Unique design with a crater-type surface
  • Various finishing options such as corten, bronze or copper
  • MDT are hand-made
  • Each metalfoam design tile is unique – the structure of the tiles is similar but never identical
  • Numerous application possibilities (lightweight construction, facades, interior decorating, art production and much more besides)

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